Galloway Cultural Arts

                                                                  How the GCAC team gets ready and organized for a show!

    Ever wonder how the GCAC puts on a show?  Its not as easy as you would think.  It takes our entire team of registers, hangers and good-will administrators to do the task.

     First, everyone is welcomed to enter their works.  Its just $5.00 per piece for members and $10.00 per piece for non-members (but be a member its easy and the form and information is one our Membership/Contact tab).  IN between, artists fromthe previous show are stopping by to pick up their work from the last show.  Its a never ending stream of wonderful artists, and their families.

     The registering the artists and their works.  Next its time to determine which piece will fit safely and securely where.  There are two hanging locations:  One inside the grand room (each piece is securely hung and also an anti-theft wire is pulled through the hangers for each piece.  

     The other location is just to the right as you enter the library.  We can hang up to 20 pieces and to offset the works are silk flower arrangements, created and arranged by our very our Roseann (how to purchase these arrangments is located on the racks).

     After lots of tweaking and scanning; the art is securely, safely and asethically hung.  Next comes the judging.  A judge will come in examine the pieces for their compliance with the theme and overall artistic ability.  Then ribbons, t-shirts, prizes are awarded.  Next of course comes the notification to all winners (through a personal phone call from the President of the GCAC), announcment on FB, the website and local newspapers.  Whew.


GCAC is proud to announce the winners of its current show, Warming Up

Water Colors:

1st Place

Rosalyn Jennings



Carol Skiles

Pot Market Luck


Winnifred McLees

Launch Pad


1st ​Place

Eva Baranowski

warm Meets Cold

2nd Place

Melanie Schroer

Ozone Falls

3rd Place

Kristine Snyder

Congratulations to all winners and our thanks to everyone who participated.  You can view these winners and all the participations at the Galloway Library, Jimmie Leeds Road, during normal library hours.

Visit our website at; or like us on Facebook, gallowayarts

Our next show will begin in June.  
Thank you again
Galloway Cultural Arts